This service is based around the idea that with the right conditions, challenging situations can change. Leaving you with more time, energy and momentum to get on with it. When people are bogged down with the many challenges they face, it puts pressure on their life force, vitality and overall well being.


These challenges are a distraction to what they really want to be doing and can become a dominant focus.

The changing conditions service is based around influencing the non-visible. The challenges people face have their roots in the non-visible. Such as conflict, people carry it with them, they talk about it, stew over it when driving, it keeps them up at night. All this is non visible but powerful enough to hold their focus.



You talk about where you feel stuck in your life and then the conversion techniques are applied. This then allows you to have insight and reduce the stress load you have been carrying. 

The aim is to promote positive change, enabling people to get along, and to keep things progressing in your life.

This innovative service works quickly on new and old problems. Both for yourself or other people in your life that you are concerned about.

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