My husband and I had been using the earthing bed sheet for several months and had great deep sleeps. However, after we moved house, my husband ended in hospital overnight with a massive headache brought on by moving and for a week was complaining of severe muscle and back ache - something he hadn't suffered from for months.

He finally revealed he was about to go to the doctor because he was concerned he may have arthritis. Confused, I checked the earthing bed sheet and found that after the move, I had not plugged it in. After one night's sleep, the next day he was back to his new self and out mowing the lawns with ease. My two year old daughter now has one and it has helped her sleep longer during her naps and she no longer wakes at four in the morning up and ready to start the day.

I gave one also to my dad who has type 1 diabetes. He now no longer suffers from aching feet at night because the earthing bed sheet has improved his circulation. Thanks so much for this product, they have
given our family so much more ease in our life.

Chelle D, Perth

​"I got my Earthing sheet in October 2012, and within the first week I noticed reduced pain in my left shoulder, which I had injured in a fall in 2008, in fact the rotator cuff in both left and right shoulders were injured. Physio and steroid injections made little difference and I was resigned to continued chronic pain. I am pleased to say that both shoulder joints are pain free, so I have been able to resume gardening again.

My husband has had leg spasms for the past 15 years, medications from his doctors have been of little help, since sleeping on the Earthing sheet the spasms are almost gone"

Robin B, Perth

I would like to express how amazing these grounding Mats/Sheets are! I first bought the smaller mat from Damien in July 2012.  I placed it at the end of my bed and I kept my feet on it while I slept.

I normally would have to get up a few times during the night, finding it difficult to get back to sleep. The difference was amazing! I didn't get up at night so often and when I did, I would go straight back to sleep very easily.

I also recall having an ankle injury and could hardly walk on my foot, however after keeping my feet on the mat during the night. I awoke the next morning and could walk perfectly.
I have now bought the grounding sheet for my bed and I sleep on the entire length of it. I love it and wouldn't be without it!
My job is very challenging physically, with a lot of heavy lifting. I used to wake up and drag my body around and had really sore feet. After sleeping on the sheet, I wake up with more energy and freedom in my movement and can walk without pain.

My teenage daughter has the smaller mat on her bed now. She feels a lot more grounded, it also helps her through PMS.

Tina P, Perth

I purchased an Earthing half-sheet approximately 5 months ago.
After the 1st week I felt a slight difference in my sleep pattern. I was going back to sleep after getting up in the night. After a month, I felt I was definitely sleeping longer.


Now I cannot do without it. Most nights I get up to spend a penny and when I get back to bed I fall asleep almost immediately, hence, a longer night's sleep. I feel fresher during the day and do not feel tired until I go to bed the following night.
If I go to Perth to stay, I take my Earthing sheet with me.
I feel I cannot do without it now.
Thanks guys

Joy F, WA

Why is this system not a standard in all bed sheets.  I found that I was waking up in the morning feeling fatigued and achy particularly in my legs.  After getting my earthing sheet I found that I was sleeping more soundly and waking up refreshed and ready for my day.  I have never felt this calm and content.  I went away for a weekend and didn't have my earthing sheet with me and noticed not sleeping on it after a couple of nights, it now travels everywhere I travel. Cindy P, York, WA




"The human body is primarily electrical, our brain, muscles, heartbeat, our thoughts. Everything in our body is electrical firstand chemical second. When we are standing on the earth we feel better because our body is electrically stable"  Clint Ober



"The earthing technology is the deliberate transfer of the earth's electrons onto the body just by making direct skin contact with the product"  Dr Jeff Spencer

When Sonja told me about the Earthing Sheet, I was open minded, not sure how it would help me, but after knowing Sonja for a few weeks I trusted in her amazing amount of knowledge.

I put it on our bed, without telling my husband Rob anything about it other than "it's good for us"
After 2 nights he said " I don't know what this sheet is for but my feet are feeling so much better!"

Rob works from 3 in the morning and has a very physical job and has had sore feet for approx 3 months, he still continues to tell me nearly every day how good his feet feel!

I am enjoying knowing what the benefits are for me with the earthing sheet, I would recommend it to anyone! 

Michelle F, Perth

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